December 5, 2023


Gets In Done On Time

Grand County real estate sales, Mar. 6-12


Real estate transactions totaled $14,469,180 across 21 sales for the week of March 6 to 12.

Property Address: 111 GCR 1018/Badger Road

Description: 2,616-square-foot residence on 0.92 acres of land.

Seller: Kevin and Brenda O’Brien

Buyer: Ian Wood

Price: $565,000

Property Address: Grand Avenue

Description: Frontier Investment Company Addition to Kremmling Block 17, Lots 8B,9B,10B

Seller: Geneva, Michael and Richard Sherman

Buyer: Sandy Kay Farley Revocable Trust

Price: $146,800

Property Address: 25780 GCR 50/Church Park Road

Description: 1,581-square-foot commercial on 10.17 acres of land.

Seller: Savvy Sassy LLC, Extreme Drive LLC

Buyer: Western Rivers Land Company Inc.

Price: $1,800,000

Property Address: 25780 GCR 50/Church Park Road

Description: 1,581-square-foot commercial on 10.17 acres of land.

Seller: Western Rivers Land Company LLC

Buyer: Byers Peak Business Park LLC

Price: $1,800,000

Property Address: 48 Beavers Lodge Road

Description: Roam Filing No. 1, Block 10, Lot 9

Seller: Bryon Besse Jr.

Buyer: Andrew and Amber Boland

Price: $1,000,000

Property Address: 401 Nystrom Lane, Zephyr Mountian Lodge

Description: 923-square-foot condo.

Seller: Michelle and Leif Hedstrom

Buyer: Maniscalco Joint Revocable Trust

Price: $915,000

Property Address: 635 Elk Track Circle

Description: 2,352-square-foot residence on 0.085 acres of land.

Seller: Anna and Roger Madrid

Buyer: Christopher and Jill Longshore

Price: $620,000

Property Address: 2699 GCR 88/Val Moritz Drive

Description: 1.0 acre of vacant residential land.

Seller: Patrick and Hilary Wallace

Buyer: Eric Sparks

Price: $215,000

Property Address: 233 Fraser Avenue, Crooked Creek Complex

Description: 835-square-foot condo.

Seller: David and Leonard Garamella

Buyer: William Robertson

Price: $300,000

Property Address: 4304 Blue Sky Trail, Kicking Horse Lodges

Description: 1,276-square-foot condo.

Seller: Charles and Kathleen McDonald

Buyer: Soaring Eagle Family Properties LLC

Price: $560,000

Property Address: 310 GCR 8342/Cougar Avenue, Summit Trail Lodge Condominiums

Description: 2,309-square-foot condo.

Seller: George and Mary Ann Human

Buyer: Brooke and Matthew Hunady

Price: $928,000

Property Address: 62927 US Highway 40, Inn at SilverCreek

Description: 495-square-foot condo.

Seller: Kismet Holdings II LLLC

Buyer: Arthur Daley III

Price: $186,500

Property Address: 851 Wolverine, Birds Nest Condo

Description: 1,030-square-foot condo.

Seller: Deborah and Timothy Bauer

Buyer: Jill Samuels, Stefanie Broom and Michelle Henkel

Price: $480,480

Property Address: 630 Elk Track Circle

Description: Village at Elk Track 2nd Flg, Grand Elk Ranch & Club Lot 1

Seller: Cozy Homes LTD

Buyer: Remarc Retreats LLC

Price: $217,000

Property Address: No address

Description: Wildacres Subdivision Block 7, Lot 13

Seller: Michael Eha

Buyer: Thomas and Kristin Olsen

Price: $125,000

Property Address: 562 GCR 47/Lakeridge Drive

Description: 0.99 acres of vacant residential land.

Seller: Albert Family Trust

Buyer: Kevin White

Price: $162,500

Property Address: 5102 Northstar, Kicking Horse Lodges

Description: 960-square-foot condo.

Seller: Andree McPherson

Buyer: Todd and Monika Adrian

Price: $480,000

Property Address: 216 Sawyer Circle

Description: 2,041-square-foot residence on 0.034 acres of land.

Seller: Mark and Denise Kruzel

Buyer: Bryan Scoular and Regina Castillo

Price: $1,125,000

Property Address: 827 Wapiti Drive

Description: Wapiti Townhouses Unit 2

Seller: Jardie Lauinger and Robert Portwood

Buyer: Christopher Milbrath

Price: $957,900

Property Address: 1481 Wildhorse Drive

Description: 3,609-square-foot residence on 0.26 acres of land.

Seller: Kristin Kerwin and Daniel Warneke

Buyer: Jonathan Moss II and Jennifer Tokarz

Price: $940,000

Property Address: 123 Lookout Point

Description: 2,320-square-foot residence on 0.027 acres of land.

Seller: Mark and Stefanie Liley

Buyer: Jordan and Leah Epstein

Price: $945,000