December 5, 2023


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Here’s Why This Craze Isn’t Well worth the Hoopla

Several bathroom updates have the outdated-fashioned allure of a claw-foot tub with its wonderful porcelain ft. Absolutely sure plenty of, a claw-foot tub was at the best of my rest room wish listing as the ideal vessel for me to invest many a enjoyable soak within just.

Still, at the risk of alienating the legions of claw-foot tub followers, I have to say it: This trendy up grade is not all it’s cracked up to be—and I’m not by yourself in this evaluation.

“Claw-foot tubs are stunning and can incorporate elegance and ambiance to a lavatory, but there are many drawbacks to consider—regardless of irrespective of whether yours is new, antique, cast iron, or acrylic,” says Cristina Miguelez, a property blogger at Fixr.

So right before you make a decision to set up 1 in your residence, allow me to share all that will annoy you about this oh, so fairly up grade once you use it in authentic existence.

1. It’s a discomfort to clean close to it

Photo by Ames Team Chicago 

A claw-foot tub sits very low to the floor and hugs the wall next to it, which means sweeping up dust and hair underneath is a suffering in the rear. You generally need to be on your belly to swab the floor underneath, and it normally takes a skinny mop to slide near the wall to clean up driving it.

2. Water will get everywhere

Photo by Kerr Design, Inc. 

In addition to dropping hair at the rear of your tub, you will no doubt splash water back there as effectively, which really should be wiped up. Even worse, my large soaker isn’t surrounded by tile as is the norm. It’s flanked by wooden floorboards, and I’m continually seeking to avoid dripping on it when I exit the tub or attain for a little something outdoors it (like soap or shampoo, considering that another draw back is there is no location for these merchandise in a claw-foot tub).

All in all, the added worry about staining or damaging the ground negates the tranquil I’m meant to be accomplishing with this dang tub in the to start with place.

You will have to believe two times if you want to produce a tub-shower combo.

“While you can set up plumbing to make a claw-foot into a shower, this isn’t usually automatically realistic,” factors out Miguelez.

If you’ve ever stayed at a bed-and-breakfast, you will fully grasp. Some inns consider to rig a shower curtain all over the claw-foot tub so each selections are achievable, but it is awkward at ideal hoping to enter it from the middle of the tub and figure out which nozzle is which.

Photo by System 

Some of these tubs are monstrous, but, for every Miguelez, “most do not maintain as much h2o as men and women assume they do. So if you definitely want a soaking tub, a claw-foot is not that comfortable—modern tubs are further and greater to soak in.”

As for the drinking water temperature, a free-standing tub is exposed to additional air than 1 which is enclosed driving shower doorways or a curtain. And an acrylic tub will not continue to keep water heat for pretty extended. (Forged iron does a better task, while.) Of course, you can often hold adding far more incredibly hot h2o, which prospects to the upcoming dilemma.

5. You’ll experience guilty filling it

Photograph by Houzz

Even a shallow claw-foot tub normally takes a ton of h2o to fill and deal with your human body when you get in. My particular tub is more substantial than most, so I truly feel incredibly conflicted when I use it quite a few instances a week. I convey to myself that the composting we do as well as driving a hybrid automobile will offset the hurt I’m inflicting on the world, but that could also be a huge, excess fat lie.

6. Set up is a tiny nightmare

Photograph by Aged Hillsboro Building Organization

If your tub resides on the 2nd ground or bigger, you could want to shore up your floors to aid its weight. You actually will need an ace contractor to place in a megatub, claims Kara Harms, a life-style blogger at Whimsy Soul, as inadequate installation is a popular situation.

Be absolutely sure a dwelling inspector checks the tub in your possible new home in advance of signing off.

7. It may possibly in no way thoroughly drain

Photograph by Risinger Residences 

Folks with previous residences appreciate to put in previous things, of class, but this practice is not without its difficulties. Our home is much more than 100 a long time previous, and the floors slope on just about every level. So when our previous-timey tub was put in, that very small incline intended the h2o doesn’t access the middle drain. As a outcome, there is constantly some previous bathwater just sitting off to the aspect, mocking me.

8. Claw-foot tubs are higher-maintenance

Photograph by Alison Kandler Interior Layout

Iron tubs will rust—and their acrylic counterparts tend to scratch and stain about time, suggests Miguelez.

“The rust challenge is specially correct if the porcelain on the inside or the paint on the exterior chips off,” she provides.

Be ready to reglaze your soaker, individuals!