September 22, 2023


Gets In Done On Time

Is Alison Victoria of ‘Windy Town Rehab’ in Around Her Head?

Year 4 of “Windy City Rehab” has Alison Victoria  spread fairly slim.

Following renovating a dwelling for herself in Las Vegas, she bounces back to Chicago to renovate not just one but two properties in the episode, “A Tale of Two Houses.”

Just one property in the Oak Park neighborhood belongs to newlyweds Erika and Joe, who acquired the 1914 establish for $750,000. They want to renovate and restore the very first ground on a spending plan of $200,0000.

The 2nd is a decrepit 1885 house, ordered for $325,000 by a few of “real Chicago fellas,” as Victoria describes them. When Victoria tours the residence, she finds it has lovely historic characteristics but is in a terrible point out of disrepair—floors, roof, walls, they are all crumbling.

“We hope it doesn’t scare you,” claims Mike, a single of the associates.

“Nothing scares me,” Victoria insists. “But I have probably not found anything at all this poor.”

When they reveal they only have a $575,000 funds to take care of it all, she commences to have her doubts.

As she juggles these renovations, you get the emotion she could have bitten off additional than she can chew. But together the way, she delivers a ton of tips for how to make points right—along with a handful of cautionary tales of how to switch your own jobs sideways. Check out and discover.

Can’t match the floors? Then match the period they are from

A period tile floor nicely complements original wood floors.
A period-tile floor nicely enhances initial wood flooring.


When you have a dwelling like Erika and Joe’s, with unique wooden floors in good condition, retaining and restoring them is a no-brainer. Only trouble is, if some of the rooms have wood floors and other people do not, what do you do?

In this scenario, the kitchen has incredibly hideous, incredibly aged linoleum flooring.

“We know that the authentic wooden flooring never operate through the kitchen, so how do we change that with no attempting to match it?” Victoria asks.

The response is you never even try to match the wooden floors—you find something that complements them.

Erika has a terrific recommendation: black and white tile in the kitchen area.

“When she said black and white tile in the kitchen it was like, ‘I want that!’” Victoria gushes.

Exact same era, unique glance. They’re on the similar web page, and the end final result is fantastic.

Transform a worthless closet into a dry bar

An dysfunctional closet can be retrofitted into a dry bar.
An dysfunctional closet can be retrofitted into a dry bar.


This old dwelling has a closet in the kitchen/living home vicinity that’s so shallow, they cannot match coats or everything of substance in there. But Victoria has the fantastic remedy for this: Choose the doorways off and outfit the place as a dry bar, with glass/bottle storage above and down below and an beautiful countertop in the middle.

In this scenario, Victoria finds a attractive classic piece that can be altered to healthy beautifully into the specialized niche. What an intriguing use of place!

Commission a mural for a unique wall masking

This handprinted mural in the dining room makes the space unlike any other.
This handprinted mural in the eating space makes the area in contrast to any other.


Want anything a minimal more distinctive than paint? Just can’t discover wallpaper you like? Why not have a area artist paint a mural on your walls?

Victoria brings in a correct learn, who generates a mural in Erika and Joe’s dining place, and the couple is overwhelmed by how attractive it is.

“It’s so dazzling,” Erika observes. Magical!”

Victoria reminds the couple that they now have an initial piece of artwork that doesn’t exist somewhere else.

“Not a single other man or woman on this planet will have this glimpse or sample in their dwelling,” she tells them.

Clear up as you go

This project is full of sloppy rubble.
This job is whole of sloppy rubble.


A number of months immediately after Victoria agrees to restore the 1885 residence, draws up ideas, and gives her directions, she stops by to examine on the development. Although they mentioned they ended up waiting around to start right until the essential permits were being accepted, she’s horrified by what she sees.

“It’s worse than I believed,” she suggests. “It’s just a junkyard. At the very least make it search like it’s actually acquiring fastened and underneath development. Clear up the rubble. Thoroughly clean up the slipping parts. Even with my worst initiatives on their worst times, absolutely nothing at any time seemed like this.”

Get out right before the predicament receives worse

The woulda, coulda, shoulda house
The woulda, coulda, shoulda home


She phone calls Mike to locate out what is heading on, and he tells her they’ve scheduled a task cleanup for upcoming week. One thing smells off to her, so she asks, in an try to pin him down, “What day subsequent week?”

Mike tells her he’ll connect with her afterwards with the aspects.

At this issue, Victoria knows something’s up, and it is not fantastic. When she presses him for a lot more facts, he reveals that they haven’t even filed for the permits but. They’re a great four months into the undertaking!

She discusses the situation with her challenge manager, and with each other they come to a decision to drop the challenge altogether. They seem to have a company deal and will be paid for the function they’ve done so much.

Victoria genuinely required to make the property shine, but there is only so substantially you can do when your partners aren’t following as a result of.

If your contractors seem to be dragging their feet like this, you need to discover your solutions. That’s not exciting, but if you slice your losses soon, you could avoid receiving mired into a worse situation later on on.

How do these Windy City rehabs flip out?

Erika and Joe's renovated home.
Erika and Joe’s renovated home.


In the finish, Victoria funnels all her strength into Erika and Joe’s dwelling, and it demonstrates.

“All the matters I considered in my head about what I required, it’s like those people points situations a million,” suggests Erika the moment she sees the final results. “It’s like all the things has been elevated to the future stage. We are so appreciative.”

Victoria phone calls the couple’s reaction “the cool part” of her position.

“To be in a position to give individuals what they did not even know they wanted and more—that’s why I like what I do,” she claims.