November 29, 2022


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What Are Industrial Bins Made Of?

Industrial bins are typically made of steel, then fabricated using many practices. Steel is first cut and shaped, but some may use cylindrical or silo-like shapes. The pieces must be precise in dimensions. Welding then secures the steel pieces together, adding strength to the structure and completing the containment of the bin. Certified welders follow specialized processes to ensure fittings match.


If you are looking for a container that is ideal for storing and transporting food products, you’ll need to find a hygienic industrial bin. These containers are made of heavy-duty AISI type 304 stainless steel and are perfect for various applications. Hygienic industrial bins are also highly durable and reliable, adding to the efficiency of your workflow.

Hygienic bins are available in several styles. There are stainless steel and powder-coated steel models. The stainless steel variety is corrosion-resistant and has a special coating that prevents fingerprints. Some of these bins feature foot pedals to make opening and closing even easier. They can be mounted on a wall and are very easy to clean. Stainless steel and powder-coated steel models also feature special fingerprint-resistant finishes.

 A range of industrial bins has been designed for food manufacturers to ensure hygienic transport and storage. Hygienic industrial bins are also suitable for storing large quantities of food and are ideal for various applications. Whether a single-purpose crate or a multipurpose industrial sack, crate, and pallet washers provide hygienic cleaning of different industrial items. They feature an automated detergent dispenser and a fully patented cleaning zone for automated loading and unloading. As a result, it is a perfect solution for any production area where hygiene is a top priority.


With bioplastic industrial bins, you can now reduce your carbon footprint while using less plastic. Made from sustainable wood-based bioplastic; these bins are made of over 90% wood-based renewable material. Made from the residue of wood pulp production, they are carbon neutral and feature the same quality and performance as conventional plastic bins. In addition, these bins are made of a durable, non-toxic material that allows you to store all kinds of materials without worrying about the environmental impact.

The brand’s line of industrial bins is also versatile and customizable. They are designed to fit metric shelves and paternosters, and industrial workstations. Their straight sides make them easy to stack with the same width. Individual bins can be further subdivided with the addition of dividers. They feature powder-coated steel. All bins are clear, which helps make visual identification easy. In addition, the bins are available in a range of bright colors, making finding what you need easy.


Steel industrial bins are used for storing large items in various industrial settings. These storage containers range from a few cubic feet to several thousand. They can be made from a variety of materials. Some types of materials are cost-effective, such as thermoplastics or wire mesh. These materials are often durable and are suitable for light-duty applications. But for heavier-duty industrial settings, more robust materials are needed. Steel is a reliable choice for such applications. Steel is heavy, rigid, and protective and can perform equally well in outdoor and indoor environments.

Custom-made bins are manufactured to fit the specific requirements of the customer. They may be as large as tractor-trailer containers and can have fill points on either side of the container. They can also feature custom-designed openings on the top and bottom to make inventory tracking easier. In addition, these storage units can be fabricated using the latest fabrication methods. As a result, industrial steel bins can accommodate large-scale storage needs and require a minimum of maintenance.


You’ll most likely picture a large, empty bin if you think of plastic. After all, most of our household items are made from plastic material. From computers and televisions to cars and refrigerators, plastic is a ubiquitous material. Various plastic compounds are produced from petroleum. Each one has its unique properties, and the process used to make these containers is called polymerization. 

Several types of plastic are used in industrial bins. These bins are typically made of polypropylene or polycarbonate. Some plastics are engineered to have high strength-to-mass ratios, lighter than metals. Plastic containers with high strength-to-mass ratios are often thinner than similar containers made from metals. These characteristics make them ideal for storing materials.