February 8, 2023


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Why Choose Amerimax Windows?

Amerimax windows are a perfect combination of energy efficiency and high quality. Besides being energy efficient, they also offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty, ensuring your investment is protected. In addition to the lifetime warranty, Amerimax windows, Denver area, have two or three lite sliders for the perfect amount of viewing area. In case you’re wondering why Amerimax is the best choice for your windows, read on for the details!

High quality

Amerimax windows are produced by an American company based in Georgia. Their vinyl windows are incredibly energy efficient and feature excellent performance numbers. The company stands behind its products with a 20-year limited warranty and also offers several attractive color choices. You can choose a style that complements your home’s interior and exterior decor, and you’ll enjoy the quality and warranty they provide.

The Amerimax Series offers one-, two-, and three-lite windows in both fixed and awning window styles. These windows are available in a wide range of designer colors and are also available in various styles. For added durability, Amerimax windows feature a high-performance exterior coating called AmeriCoat, which makes them more energy-efficient and reduces heat gain. Amerimax windows meet or exceed government standards and come with a comprehensive warranty.

Unsurpassed energy efficiency

Amerimax windows are renowned for their unsurpassed energy efficiency and excellent craftsmanship. With a Transferable Lifetime Warranty, they are the perfect choice for any homeowner who wants to maximize their home’s energy efficiency. In addition, these windows come in a variety of styles, including 2-lite sliders and 3-lite picture windows, which provide the homeowner with the option of achieving the perfect balance between aesthetics, comfort, and efficiency.

Designed to fit the specifications of every homeowner, Amerimax windows provide unparalleled energy efficiency and structural integrity. The sleek, narrow frames enhance interior aesthetics and maximize viewing areas while maintaining structural integrity and energy efficiency. Designed with ENERGY STAR(r) certified glass, Amerimax windows and patio doors meet or exceed ENERGY STAR(r) requirements across climate zones. You’ll be pleased to discover that your new windows will save you money on energy bills every month.

Limited lifetime warranty

The limited lifetime warranty on Amerimax Windows covers all components of the window, including the frame, sash, and moving parts. It also covers the hermetic seal and the insulating glass. If you find any defects after installing your Amerimax windows, you may make a warranty claim to have the window repaired or replaced. But before you file a warranty claim, you should understand all the conditions of the warranty.

Amerimax warrants the insulating glass unit for a lifetime. A “failed” insulating glass unit will develop significant obstruction of vision, excessive moisture, or dust between the interior glass surfaces. Additionally, the hermetic seal will fail to seal properly. If this is the case, you should contact Amerimax immediately. In addition, you should check for signs of damage before you purchase your new windows.

Maximum viewing area

The “Master Grande Series” replacement windows from Amerimax offer a double operating sash window with a horizontal sliding sash design. They feature a beveled interior frame and slim, modern lines. Other configurations include awning windows and twin or triple double hung windows. And, of course, these windows come with a lifetime warranty. This means that they’ll be there for you even after your home has undergone remodeling.

Amerimax vinyl windows are made to withstand the elements of the Colorado climate, offering a lifetime warranty and maximum viewing area. They also feature sleek, low-profile designs and interior beveled frames, along with a choice of standard rectangular casements, or custom geometric shapes. They also offer a smooth operation with Roto hardware and a one-touch multi-point locking system. If your home renovation project requires a new window, Amerimax will be the ideal solution.


If you’re in the market for replacement windows, you may want to consider Amerimax’s superior energy-efficiency ratings. Their innovative “Lean Manufacturing” system utilizes computer-driven materials optimization to minimize waste and raw material consumption. In addition to recycling all possible waste, Amerimax utilizes returnable steel shipping racks for vinyl and reusable corner shipping blocks to deliver completed windows to dealers. The durable design of Amerimax windows ensures years of beauty and performance.

Whether you want a contemporary or traditional appearance, you’ll be satisfied with the Amerimax WinPro Series. These windows feature the tightest weather-sealing of any Amerimax window series. They come with high-quality hardware and a single-touch multi-point locking system. Amerimax windows also feature a variety of design options, including awning casements and picture windows.